Dictionary Integration

You can integrate the Dictionary from Signavio Process Manager to work with Signavio Workflow Accelerator. Doing so allows you to pull data from Dictionary entries and use them in your workflows.


Your Signavio Workflow Accelerator organization needs to be connected to a Signavio Process Manager workspace before you can use this feature.

Activating the Dictionary integration


Access to the Dictionary integration settings requires an administrator account.

In Signavio Workflow Accelerator, select Services & Connectors from the top-right user menu.

Select Signavio Process Manager Integration, then select a user that also has a Signavio Process Manager account. Make sure this user is able to see all desired dictionary entries, as all requests to retrieve dictionary items will be done with this user. (Don’t worry–you can always change this user later.)

In the dropdown, select which dictionary categories you want to use. Open one of these categories to see which fields are now available to use in Signavio Workflow Accelerator.

Using Dictionary categories with forms

In Signavio Workflow Accelerator, under the Process tab, open the process editor. Select a process element that requires configuration, such as a user task.

Under the Configuration tab, the categories you imported from Dictionary will be displayed as fields. Drag fields to your form to use them.

Now, when you execute your case, you will see a field where you can type and search for entries. Once you find the entry you want to use, simply click it to use it.


You can also use Dictionary entries in gateway conditions, script tasks, and emails the same as any other fields.

Additional info

Whenever you select an entry used in the task form during the case execution, Signavio Workflow Accelerator takes a snapshot of that entry. If the entry is changed later on, the snapshot in the case is NOT automatically updated. This is so that Signavio Workflow Accelerator can properly track past decisions that were based on dictionary entries. If a selected entry is set as the default value for a field, Signavio Workflow Accelerator will take a snapshot when the case is started.

Whenever you add or remove attributes to or from the dictionary category, you have to press the Reload integration button. The new attributes can then be used in the workflow editor after reloading the integration. They will become available as nested fields of the category fields.


  • Attributes that have been removed from a dictionary category will still show up in old cases. You have to manually remove old dictionary attributes anywhere they are used in a workflow.
  • Dictionary categories can be deactivated at any time. Once they have been deactivated, they can no longer be used in the workflow editor. You also have to manually remove deactivated categories anywhere they are used in a workflow. Old cases will still show data from deactivated categories.


When setting up the Dictionary integration, you may run into the following error message:
Could not set up the Dictionary integration for the following reason: The tenant ID is not configured for your Process Manager workspace. Please contact customer support.

To resolve this, you need to try to sync the configuration from Process Manager again. Open Setup > Manage approval workflows in Process Manager and click Synchronize configuration now. If that option is not available, you should contact the Signavio Support Team to set the tenant ID for you.