Markdown is a markup language which allows a text-to-html conversion. It was invented by John Gruber (, mostly based on email formatting. You can use Markdown to format descriptions, comments, and even emails sent out from Workflow Accelerator.

The following is a brief overview of how to use Signavio’s variation of Markdown.


Larger headers can be formatted using = or #. Sub-headings can be created using - or multiple #.

For example:


and the rendered result will appear like so:



For bold and italic text, use **double** and *single asterisks*, respectively.

Line breaks

A line break starts a new line in the middle of a paragraph. In most cases, you should start a new paragraph instead of inserting a line break.

To add a line break in Markdown, enter two spaces at the end of a line.


Use > followed by a space to create blockquotes in your text. If you don’t follow the > with a space, the formatting won’t work.



You can easily create numbered or bulleted lists using Markdown.

For numbered lists, simply type it as you would normally.

For bulleted lists, use an * or - for each bullet, with a space between the asterisk or dash and the beginning of the bulleted point.

Horizontal rule

Use three or more ---, *** or ____ to create horizontal rules in your text.


You can create tables with Markdown, without having to copy and paste them from another application.

To create a table, use | to separate the different columns. Use at least 3 dashes - to separate the header cells from the table body, and use colons : to align the columns.


When finished, your table will look like this:


Note that you don’t have to keep things perfectly aligned. Your table will still be rendered correctly.

Embedding images

To embed images, use the following format: ![Alt text]( "Optional hint")

Alt text will be shown when the image cannot be loaded. "Optional hint" is an optional text, use it to show more information when hovering over the image.

Inline code and code blocks

Use ` to highlight inline code.

Single backticks are used for highlighting a single word or phrase. Use three backticks to wrap whole code blocks. Note that highlighting the code block will also preserve the line breaks and indentation.

_images/code-markdown.png _images/code-rendered.png

Inline HTML

Workflow Accelerator does not support inline HTML.