Organization settings

In Signavio Workflow Accelerator, your organization represents a collection of Workflow Accelerator users - typically a company - together with all their data in Workflow Accelerator. People outside your organization cannot see your organization’s data. After you log into Workflow Accelerator, you see all the data inside one particular organization. If you belong to multiple organizations, you can switch between organizations by selecting a different organization under your name in the top right corner.


Access to the Organization settings requires an administrator account.

Use the Organization settings page to set-up users and groups, manage invitations, and configure external services such as Salesforce Integration.

At the top of the page, in the masthead, you can edit the organization name.


The users list shows users who belong to your organization. You can expand each user’s entry to see their email address, license type, and membership type - indicating whether the user has the administrator role.


Administrators can promote other users to administrator: on an expanded user panel, click the Promote to administrator button.



Administrators can also delete users, using the delete button next to the user name.

If you want to delete a user account, for example, because the user is leaving your organization, unfinished tasks to this account may still exist. In this case, specify a replacement who will take over open task assignments. The substitute will then have exactly all access rights to complete open tasks and cases, but not automatically inherits group memberships of the deleted user. Please also be aware that the assignment for closed tasks is not changed for audit reasons.

The substitute takes over

  • in workflows: owner, assignments, candidates, default values for form fields, transition conditions, JavaScript test values, access rights
  • in reports: owner, access rights
  • in open tasks: assignments, candidates, access rights
  • in cases: access rights


Deleted users are removed from all groups in which they were included. You must manually assign their replacement.

Whenever you delete a user, a dialogue where you can define a replacement appears.


Deleted users with task assignments and without replacement set, are listed as Former users and administrators are weekly reminded to specify a substitute.


The invitations list shows who you have invited to use Workflow Accelerator.

To invite someone to use Workflow Accelerator, select the license they will use, enter their email address in the text field and click the Invite button. They will receive an email with a link to the registration page, where they can create a Workflow Accelerator user that will become a member of the organization.


The groups list shows the organization’s user groups. You can use these groups to define candidates for tasks in the process builder.


To create a new group, in the text field below the group list, enter a group name and click the Create button.


Click a group’s name to expand its list of members, so you can edit the name and add or remove members.


The Preferences include additional options that apply to the whole organization.


Time zone affects how Workflow Accelerator displays times.

Email signature replaces the default Workflow Accelerator team signature at the bottom of notification emails.

Process creation

New in version 3.34.


You can activate the Process creation option to restrict the right to create processes to a specific user group.

Only users of this group can

  • create new processes,
  • copy processes,
  • import processes.

Users who are not members of the defined group, but have editing rights for specific processes are still able to modify these processes.


The transfer of processes between Process Manager and Workflow Accelerator is not affected by this restriction. Any modeler can transfer a process from Process Manager to Workflow Accelerator.


Use the Services tab to configure integration with cloud services for members of the organization to use. See Salesforce Integration.


Use the Billing tab to manage your organization’s licenses for Workflow Accelerator. This page shows:

  • the number of remaining user licenses - how many more people you can add to the organization
  • the license expiry date, after which you must renew your licenses to continue using Workflow Accelerator.

The left-hand sidebar summarises your current license type. Click the Upgrade your license button to upgrade to another license type.

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) makes it possible to access Workflow Accelerator using an existing corporate user account, so you do not have to log in to Workflow Accelerator separately. To request SSO for your organization, send a request using the Send feedback option in the application, including your SAML 2.0 Identity Provider Metadata.

Workflow Accelerator currently only supports the G Suite (formerly Google Apps) SSO provider.

Workflow Accelerator supports Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 Identity Provider-initiated SSO using the HTTP POST binding. Please contact us if you want to use a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider other than those listed above.


Most organizations soon have enough processes to make it inconvenient to browse the processes list. To keep your processes tidy, you can define and use labels, to categorize processes by department, status or however you like.

Use the Labels tab to define labels for your organization. You start with a set of default labels, but you can customize the list.


Configuring labels - used to categorize processes

To add a new label, enter a name in the text input field and select Create. Select a label or its edit icon to change its name or color. To delete a label, select the delete icon on the far right.